GRP is the revolutionary product that keeps your Apple Pencil 2 securely attached to your iPad Pro. Never lose your pencil in your bag or travel case again!

The new iPad Pro and Apple Pencil 2 are fantastic but without GRP, the Apple Pencil 2 clip, you risk losing your precious pencil in your bag, briefcase, or on the ground. GRP works with any case that supports wireless charging of the pencil including every case in Apple's lineup. 

  • Supports Wireless charging!

    The new Apple Pencil 2 magnetically charges on the iPad Pro but it can fall off easily. GRP secures the pencil while charging!

  • Keeps your Apple Pencil 2 from falling off!

    If your Apple Pencil falls off in your backpack, briefcase, or during everyday use (and it definitely does) you need GRP!

  • Works with all Cases!

    GRP easily attaches to the iPad Pro and allows for the use and improvement of any case that permits charging the Apple Pencil 2. That means all of Apple's cases and keyboard cases like the new Magic Keyboard and Smart Keyboard Folio!

  • Black GRP on the 2018 iPad Pro with Apple Pencil 2.
  • GRP on 2018 iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard Folio.